We do Secure Multi Party Computation

FairGate’s Technology Suite is the Key to Fair and Secure Computing


FairGate’s mission is to democratize access to privacy-enhanced computation

We’re combining in a novel way recent advances in ZKP and MPC in order to build a privacy-enabling technology platform. Our MPC stack, The Fairgate Technology Suite, overcomes the limitations of existing technologies enabling privacy-enhanced applications to be built efficiently.

At the core of The Fairgate Technology Suite is our first product, FairRISCV. It is the first ever Secure Multi Party Computation Virtual Machine that allows users to run their code on commodity hardware and to create such code using the standard development tools and languages they are already familiar with, like C++, Go or Rust.

The applications that can be built using The Fairgate Technology Suite are endless and they include use cases such as Privacy Preserving AI Training, Secure Vulnerability Reporting, Auctions, Multi Party Cryptocurrency Custody and many many others.


BitVM Innovation

In 2023 Robin Linus discovered BitVM, a clever mechanism to use the current Bitcoin scripting system to verify arbitrary conditions and restrict bitcoin spending based on those conditions, assuming miners cannot censor transactions. Even if the mechanism presented only works for a particular two-party setting, this innovation opened the doors to the possibility of creating more decentralized bridges and drivechains for Bitcoin.

While at this moment there are still open questions: Fairgate has taken the lead in BitVM research and development and has started an accelerated research roadmap to bring BitVM to reality in less than one year. Our experience building Bitcoin bridges (i.e. Rootstock) together with our flagship FairRiscV MPC processor has given us a head start to apply them to BitVM and jump into application development faster than any other team.

We aim to create solutions with near full decentralization, requiring the presence of one honest participant only, similar to the security requirements of optimistic systems, instead of a predefined threshold like federated systems, often considered less secure. In addition, we ensure compatibility with succinct zero knowledge proof systems, which can reduce on-chain requirements and provide additional privacy.

Some potential Bitcoin soft-forks, such as some covenant variants, could drastically increase the efficiency of our solutions in the future, so we prepare our designs for easy upgrades to these developments. While there are still a number of open questions related to BitVM, we plan to be the first to publish a full design of a BitVM-based bridge. Because we love new challenges in this new field and we want the Bitcoin ecosystem to grow, we currently offer our BitVM research and development team services to third parties building on Bitcoin.


We have been doing research and creating technology in Cryptography, Cybersecurity and Blockchain for a long time.

Sergio Lerner

Founder of RSK Labs, Coinspect, Asicboost

Ariel Futoransky

Founder Core Security, Disarmista, Bittrap.

Mat Travizano

Founder Grandata, Sur Ventures, Scholar at UC Berkeley

Jony Altszul

Founder Core Security, Aconcagua Ventures, BitTrap.

Sebastian Wain

Founder CoinFabrik, Nektra

Ariel Waissbein

Researcher Core Security, CoinFabrik.

Andrés Rieznik

Researcher CONICET, BitTrap.


Fairgate was created to overcome technological limitations and enable a myriad of new applications to emerge.


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